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At Shipshape Engineering, our mission is to provide innovative and eco-friendly construction solutions that transcend the boundaries of traditional engineering. We strive to serve our clients with uncompromising quality, from conception to completion, creating structures that contribute to Ghana's development and beyond.

Our mission

Our vision is to be a global leader in construction and engineering services, known for our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We aim to shape skylines with our unique blend of technical prowess and creative engineering, fostering growth and development in every community we serve.




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As the founder and CEO of Shipshape Engineering, I am immensely proud to introduce you to our firm. Since our establishment in 2019, our journey has been one of continuous growth and relentless dedication.

I began my career in the United Kingdom, working with various railway companies and commercial firms. The wealth of knowledge I gathered over the years has allowed me to bring international standards of construction and engineering to Ghana. Shipshape Engineering is my endeavor to give back to my homeland, creating structures that blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Every project at Shipshape Engineering is treated with a unique approach. We prioritize understanding your vision and transforming it into reality. We believe in offering building solutions that are not just cutting-edge and eco-friendly, but also cost-effective. This commitment to you, our client, drives us to deliver excellence at every stage of our process.

Best regards,
ING Alex Yaw Obinim




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Our values

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Excellence is our benchmark at Shipshape Engineering. From the drawing board to the building site, we commit ourselves to exceptional quality in every service we provide. Whether it's the precision in our welding, or the strength in our steel structures, we ensure nothing but the best for our clients.


We approach every project with boundless enthusiasm. Our love for construction and engineering fuels our desire to innovate, to learn, and to surpass our clients' expectations. We believe this passion is contagious, inspiring our teams and clients alike.


We understand that great ideas are born from collaboration. By fostering a collaborative environment, we combine diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals. We believe in the power of working together with our clients, our teams, and our community to create structures that stand the test of time.

Can do spirit

The spirit of perseverance is integral to our DNA at Shipshape Engineering. We embrace challenges with a can-do attitude, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity to innovate and improve. Our relentless pursuit of problem-solving keeps us at the forefront of the construction industry.

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